Elana Safronsky

Mia Rodak

Elana Safronsky is a lady in the know when it comes to interiors, fashion, art and culture. With her well-established talent for design editorial, and seemingly effortless personal style, she's used to receiving requests for design and fashion advice from her wide network of friends, family and colleagues. A natural trend-setter with a sharp eye for mixing cutting edge with timeless classics, Elana's designs always demonstrate the key difference between 'styled' and 'stylish'. 

Mia Rodak developed her love of interiors, architecture, decorating, styling and gardening during her 15-year career in lifestyle broadcasting and digital media, over a decade of which was spent working at the popular specialty home and garden network HGTV Canada. This lengthy exposure to both the creative and business side of the design and media industries got under her skin in a big way and building EMME Design into a successful business has been a dream come true.

Elana and Mia met on the job at HGTV.ca in 2009 and became fast friends with their shared outlook on family, life and style. Both were on maternity leave with their second children and working independently on interior projects for family and friends when the idea of EMME Design was dreamed up and this perfect partnership was formed. Their infectious love for what they do makes every new job a delight for them and a breeze for clients. They'd love to have the pleasure of working with you to make your design dreams come true too.