Baskets & Bins, FTW!

How are those New Years Resolutions coming along? Mhm, thought so. Listen up, am going to give you literally the easiest way to satisfy your annual control-clutter-around-the-house promise to yourself so that you don't have to fail at it again this year. Here goes... 

Set aside half a day for shopping and half a day for tidying. On shopping day, hit up all your favourite home goods stores and pick up one basket or one bin for every single room in your house. You can do this online! In your jammies! You should be able to accomplish this even on a very tight budget, but do keep style in mind. There are so many options available that finding the right fit for each space should not prove overly challenging. Make sure you love what you buy and that it compliments the room it will live in.

Also focus on function—think about what you'll use it for in each space. For example, in the toddler's room it'll hold stuffies (obvs! why so many stuffies?!). In the kitchen it might hold the mail (Small basket! Pretty tray!). Front hallway? Stray mittens! You get the picture. 

Once you're armed with your arsenal of bins and baskets, place each one in its respective room. If you bought ones that you love, it should make you happy to see it in its new home. Now go room-by-room spending a few minutes in each space to toss the loose, messy items into their cute new catch-all. Bonus points for editing as you do this and getting rid of the things you don't really love or need. 

You're done! Resolution accomplished. Pat self on back. Fix martini. 

Here are six stylish selections in case you need some help getting inspired: 

  1. Alex Fuchsia Round Storage Hamper, Fresh American
  2. Pale Orange Striped Basket, Dwell Studios
  3. Graphic Printed Hamper - Large, West Elm
  4. Plastec Versa Tub, Wayfair
  5. Elephant Storage Bin - Navy, 3 Sprouts
  6. Senegal Woven Basket - Medium,