2016 Interior Design Trends

What's up 2016'ers?! Are we feeling refreshed? Ready to grab this new year by the you-know-whats and make it another 366 days (leap year FTW!) of utter gorgeousness?

I know we're a full week into 2016, but I'm only now crawling out from under the sluggish happy haze of holiday madness. This means that rather than use my brain to write an entirely new post on trends, I'm going to borrow an excerpt from a list I pulled together before my gas tank sputtered to empty at the end of 2015. 

The full list is aptly named "2016 Design Trends" and you should go and read it RIGHT NOW over at W Network if you haven't already.  Here's a little taste... six of 16 (get it? Because 2016!) design trends you should watch for and try at home this year. 

Rose Quartz and Serenity

Image courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home

Pantone's colour of the year is (for the first time ever) a blend of two colours—Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (Pantone 15-3919). Watch for these soothing pastels to pop up on everything from upholstery to packaging. Image courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home

Smoke & Mirrors

Image Courtesy of Y Lighting

Watch for a resurgence of an old '70s favourite, smoked and mirrored glass. This moody, sexy style is a gorgeous way to add drama to a dining room or bedroom. Watch for it on table tops, chandeliers, glassware and cabinetry. 

Patterned Tile

Image Courtesy of The Cement Tile Blog

Boldly patterned tile has been popping up in restaurants and commercial spaces to stunning effect for a while. Backsplashes, foyers and bathrooms at home are great spaces to play with the endless combinations of colours and designs. 


Image Courtesy of School House Electric

The beauty of plaid is how easily it shifts between traditional and modern. Stick with modern interpretations like chunky buffalo plaid and use the grandad version sparingly in fresh colours like pinks, greys and creams and you’ll avoid the risk of your pad looking like a hunting lodge.

Curated Simplicity

Image Courtesy of House of Jade Interiors

The movement toward well-edited interiors is not about going without things, but choosing the items you display with careful consideration (and omitting clutter). It’s about creating a space that promotes serenity, happiness and as a result, wellness. 

Flaunt What You Love

Image Courtesy of Dwell

We can look at this one less as a trend and more a of a manifesto—if you love it, flaunt it. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly on-trend or not. The overall vibe you’ll achieve is what all design-junkies are ultimately after, a space that perfectly reflects who you are. 

Don't forget to go and check out the full 2016 Design Trends gallery at W Network. Need a little help interpreting this year's trends in your own home? We've got you covered. CONTACT US.