The Friday Find: Lounge Chairs by Kipp Stewart

What's up TGIFers? Can I kick this off by saying that I have literally ZERO business even contemplating the mere notion of looking at 1st Dibs on a Friday afternoon when I'm feeling a little shoppish. Like I should actually have my internet license revoked immediately. 

But, BUT! I wanted to kick off a new feature here at EMME blog called, as you can see, The Friday Find. Mostly because it's a super fun thing to do on a Friday and this is our site and we can do things like this and call it "working" if we want to. 

I had to start the first one off on the right foot—you know next week I'm going directly to H&M Home—and when I stumbled across these caned lounge chairs by Kipp Stewart I got the familiar ringing in my ears and spots in my eyes that tell me it's love at first sight. Sadly this love is going to go unrequited unless anyone out there (ANYONE??) has a cool $5,500 (US) kicking around and would like us to design your living room around these twin babies.

If this sounds like you, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. If it doesn't sound like you, we'd still love to hear from you and help you find some chairs that make you feel like blacking out too.