The Friday Find: H&M Home—10 Finds Worth Fighting For

Okay so maybe I can't take credit for "finding" H&M Home. I'll concede it's probable that every single person in the GTA (world?) already knows that the Swedish fashion retail giant opened the doors to it's newly renovated flagship store at the Toronto Eaton Centre this week. And that as part of this unveiling they have also brought their coveted and affordable home goods line to town. FINE. I didn't find it. But I did find a few items among the collection that I think are worth fighting the mobs for. 

  1. Bedspread, Double; $119: Just the right mix of boho and trendy, this would be amazing in a modern guest room or super cool for a teen. 
  2. Printed Cushion Cover; $12.99: Just so you know, I will be buying all of the pillow covers. 
  3. Laundry Basket; $39.99: I will also be buying all of the baskets. 
  4. Hanging Planter; $39.99: I mean, I've avoided the hanging planter terrarium trend for long enough already. At this price, resistance is futile.
  5. Linen Dressing Gown; $39.99: M'kay maybe not exactly home decor but who cares I need it and so do you.   
  6. 2-Pack Hooks; $6.99: Meant for a kid's room but I would use these anywhere—foyer, bathroom, laundry room, studio, play room... need I go on? 
  7. Metal Vase; $19.99: Perfect for any style of decor. ANY STYLE. I need a million of them. 
  8. Round Metal Tray; $29.99: It is a well known fact of life that you can never have too many trays. 
  9. Paper Napkins; $3.99: I have been known to drive all the way to IKEA just because I'm out of napkins (also, because meatballs). Well, IKEA, there's a new napkin in town. 
  10. Metal Candlestick; $29.99: You guys, it's a palm tree and a candlestick. Need I say more?

In all seriousness, it takes some skill and practice to inject a home with trendy prints and accessories. It's all about balance. Need some help finding the right amount of whimsy and fun for your space? Call us and let's getting shopping!