The Friday Find: The Lyla Side Chair from EQ3

The Lyla Side Chair, EQ3

Oh heeeeey ya'll. Look at me all over this Friday Find post after a several-months long hiatus. Much has been the happs around here at EMME Design HQ and while we've never NOT EVER stopped shopping, we did need a wee break from blogging. BUT WE'RE BACK BABY. 

And since it's summer and all I can think about are breezy white curtains billowing inward from a gentle breeze through an open window and lazy days spent lounging on a dock with an ice cold drink in hand, my tastes have shifted from sleek city styles to more a more relaxed farm-fresh aesthetic. And hence, I give you, the Lyla Side Chair

I've been dying to use these perfect chairs in a space since I first laid eyes on them and though I think there are plenty of city homes that could easily benefit from this airy, stylish seat—particularly in a kid-friendly eat-in kitchen—where I really want to work with them is in a relaxed cottage kitchen or a gathered round a country table heaped with fresh-cut wild flowers and veggies straight from the garden. You feeling me? 

These babies are not only comfortable (yep, I mean it, even sans cushion) and AFFORDABLE but they come in six colours including standard black, white and a pretty pale grey, plus a few great pops of colour like forest green and cerulean blue. They were once available in PINK! and YELLOW! but it appears those hues are currently not available. SAD FACE. 

I would be remiss of me not to mention Miss Lyla Side Chair's adorbs cousin Lyla Arm Chair because I mean just look at this cuteness would ya: 

The Lyla Arm Chair, EQ3

The Lyla Arm Chair, EQ3

Both the Side Chair and the Arm Chair are also available as counter and bar stools. 

It is not a well kept secret that us EMME Designers get a little more excited than can be considered normal when it comes to good chair. The Scandinavian Windsor is a darn near perfect specimen in my mind. BUT it is easy to eff it up. The Lylas have minimal, modern lines and great proportions making them ideal for use across a variety of design styles and situations. Just keep in mind that not every variation of the Windsor can do the same. 

Need a little advice on when and where to use a chair like Lyla? Or whether she might make a good addition to your furniture family? We'd love to discuss! Drop us a line, we'll even answer from the dock! 


- Mia