The Friday Find: Bryght (EDIT: Now Called Article, Same Great Stuff)

Let's just get the two most obvious things out of the way right off the top, shall we? 

1. It's SATURDAY. I know, I know. But you know what though? BUSY. And busy is good, therefore posting a Friday feature on a Saturday is good. That's logic, right? 

2. Everything is faux midmod and I'm over-doing the faux midmod and STOP ALREADY WITH THE FAUX MIDMOD. But I can't because I love it. And I love other things. OH DO I EVER. But I'm trying to be a little realistic and not post things that nobody on earth outside of the much-discussed 1% can afford. But people, if you want more inspirational and less attainable, I can give it to you. 

For today though, I give you (EDIT: is now called Article, new name, same stuff!) I know you've been seeing them pop up everywhere—Facebook, Instagram especially. Me too. And finally I was like OKAY I'LL CLICK YOU SAUCY THING. And I did... and I kind of loved it. There are some incredibly affordable pieces that would be very difficult to find at a reasonable price anywhere else. The Sven sofa in tan full grain Italian leather you see above? $1999CAN? Yum. 

And this pretty Diamond

I'll take two! 

Required disclaimer: The biz model here is lower prices because they are exclusively online, so of course I haven't seen, touched or sat on either of these babies in person—quality remains to be seen—but I likey the lookie. 

Anyone purchased from Bryght (now Article)? Would you? If you want our advice please do give us a CALL. 

The Friday Find: The Perfect Mid Mod Teak Cabinet from GUFF

If you are a fan of mid-century modern and/or Scandinavian design and you are in or around the Toronto area, chances are you've heard of GUFF Furniture.  I personally have a house full of gorgeous finds from this Leslieville vintage shopper's staple, including the dining room table I'm working on right now! 

I pop onto the GUFF website at least a few times a week to see what's up and then I spend the next several hours fighting myself to keep from buying everything. My house is already in over-teak and though I'm quick to justify it by citing my Danish bloodline, there really does come a time when enough is enough. 

This cabinet though? COME ON. How strong to I have to be?! Those perfect proportions for a smallish space and cheerful smiley face drawer pulls? Add the fact that it's a two-piece and top and bottom can be used separately as required/desired and I'm actually in the car right now forget you read this it's mine... 

...okay fine I'm not in the car. I haven't a square inch left to devote to this cuteness. But if you do, get cracking! And if it's already sold, as it might well be when you read this (sorry), we would be beyond delighted to hunt down something equally perfect for you and your space. Call us! 



The Friday Find: Lounge Chairs by Kipp Stewart

What's up TGIFers? Can I kick this off by saying that I have literally ZERO business even contemplating the mere notion of looking at 1st Dibs on a Friday afternoon when I'm feeling a little shoppish. Like I should actually have my internet license revoked immediately. 

But, BUT! I wanted to kick off a new feature here at EMME blog called, as you can see, The Friday Find. Mostly because it's a super fun thing to do on a Friday and this is our site and we can do things like this and call it "working" if we want to. 

I had to start the first one off on the right foot—you know next week I'm going directly to H&M Home—and when I stumbled across these caned lounge chairs by Kipp Stewart I got the familiar ringing in my ears and spots in my eyes that tell me it's love at first sight. Sadly this love is going to go unrequited unless anyone out there (ANYONE??) has a cool $5,500 (US) kicking around and would like us to design your living room around these twin babies.

If this sounds like you, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. If it doesn't sound like you, we'd still love to hear from you and help you find some chairs that make you feel like blacking out too.