A Little Piece on the Side

Everyone needs a little side (table) action, amirite? But finding the right fit can be tricky. You want one that will be solid and dependable sure, but also cute. Cute is a must. 

We're giving away some of our best kept secrets here today, because although it's always a bonus to have access to trade-only distributors when trying to find just the right piece, there are a few readily available side tables that we love for their size, shape and style. These pretties represent a eclectic mix of design styles but will also fit in to just about any space that needs a little something on which to rest a bevvie and a book. They are on trend but not so much so that you'll be trading them in for a hotter, younger model next year. Best part is they can all be purchased online or in store without too much hassle or delay. 

Of course this is just a taste, we've got more tricks up our sleeves when it comes to finding the perfect side piece. Need a hand? Call us!

  1. Worlds Away Debra Ice Glass Side Table
  2.  Lily Side Table - Gold 
  3. Marble Tables by Ferm Living - White Medium
  4. Mid Century Night Stand - White + Acorn
  5. Campaign Night Stand - White
  6. IKEA PS 2014 Storage Table - Multicolour

Why Don't You Just Sleep On It? (Stylish Storage Beds)

Here's a shocking fact for you, we all have too much stuff. And many of us don't have enough space for it. While we are by no means advocates for a life lived in rooms full of nothing, there is an art to clutter, a difference between a space filled with the things that we love and space that's just a mess. 

You cannot have a well-designed room if you haven't considered where all the stuff is going to go. We can take all the beautiful photographs we want, with all the things shoved into piles out of the frame, but the plain and honest fact is if that stuff doesn't have a place to go once the photo shoot is over, the room is poorly designed. The clients have been duped. 

Don't get us wrong, we constantly coach clients on the beauty of editing, of letting go, of organizing and tidying up, but we also know that these days life comes with Costco-sized packages of toilet paper and 25 pairs of jeans even though we only ever wear two of them. And we want to help you find a place to store all those not-so-nice-to-look-at things so that they are accessible, usable, and yes hidden from sight. 

One solution for a small storage-challenged bedroom? Take your stuff and sleep on it. Enter, the storage bed. They have come a long way from the clunky, boxy rectangles of yore. We've shared a few of our favourites in the picture above. But remember, this is a piece of furniture that will dominate the space. How you decorate and furnish the room around it is of utmost importance. Keeping the space from feeling and looking too crowded and closed-in can be tricky. 

We can help you select a storage bed that works in your room, for your things, and make it all look fabulous. Contact us and let's get started today. 

  1. EQ3, Simple Bed with Panel Headboard and optional storage drawers
  2. Pottery Barn, Raleigh Upholstered Camelback Headboard & Storage Platform Bed
  3. West Elm, Nash Teak Storage Bed
  4. Crate&Barrel, Bowery Storage Bed
  5. Room&Board, Marlo Bed with Storage Drawer
  6. BluDot, Modu-licious Full Bed


A while back we designed a bedroom for one of our youngest (and cutest) clients. You can see photos of the whole room here. It's a pretty, girlie space, with an eclectic mix of new/big box furniture, interesting vintage finds and fun vignettes that all join forces to create the perfect room for this young lady to grow into. 

One of our favourite design features in this room is a cosy reading nook that we created from a closet that once opened into the adjacent bedroom. Rather than simply extending the closet in her room to run the length of the wall, we kept this spot separate, added some floating shelves, hooks and pillows and voila! A little nook in which to tuck away her treasures, curl up with her journal or favourite book and perhaps most importantly, hide away from her little sister! 

Reading nook, perfect for stashing treasures and curling up in with a good book. 

Now that the room as been finished for a while, the little client has decided that she wants to put more of a personal touch on her well-used room-within-a-room. Frankly, the IKEA floating shelves have not held up all that well, they are sagging and in danger of collapsing at any moment, so those will be replaced with sturdier, bracketed shelving but more importantly she wants to add some colour and texture to her secret spot. Her request? Wallpaper!  

The wallpaper rabbit hole is a deep one and so after many hours of hunting, sourcing and deliberating, we've put together the six choices you see above. The flora and fauna themed patterns were all selected with a mind towards creating a colourful pop of fun fit for a growing girl and her daydreams. Jury is still out on which of these pretty papers she'll select, but you can bet we'll be sharing the finished space right here when she decides. 

Which would you choose? 

  1. Pop Floral Wallpaper in Peony by Aimee Wilder
  2. Flamingo, New Contemporary Collection by Cole & Son
  3. Petal Pusher (Gold) by Oh Joy! - Hygge & West
  4. Pina Solo Wallpaper in Bijoux by Aimee Wilder
  5. Woods and Stars, Whimsical Collection by Cole & Son
  6. Daydream in Blush by Julia Rothman - Hygge & West