Blanket Statement

Anyone else feel like wrapping themselves cocoon-style in the warmest, cosiest blanket they can get their mitts on and leaving just the eyes exposed for an extreme stretch of Netflix binge-viewing? 

Current mood. 

Longer nights and colder days are upon us like it or not, so why not embrace it people? These stylish, snuggly, super-warm throws and blankets are honestly the key to surviving the season. Some are a bit of a spendy purchase but you must believe us that those dollars will be the farthest thing from your mind when you're wrapped to perfection in one of these babies, laughing at the weather out your window. 

  1. Hermes Avalon Blanket, wool and cashmere in Ecru and Dark Grey, because even though you haven't removed your jammies in two whole days doesn't mean you can't be fancy. 
  2. Hudson's Bay Company Millennium Stripe Point Blanket, because as a Canadian you are obligated to own one.
  3. Large Alpaca Blanket in Catalina Blues by Shupaca, because ALPACA. 
  4. Restoration Hardware, Ultra Faux Fur Throw in Fog, because you can wrap yourself up and fantasize that you're guarding The Wall with John Snow. 
  5. Anthropologie, John Robshaw Woven Diamond Throw in Dark Grey, because when you're not wearing it you can just toss it over that ladder leaning against the wall and it'll look super great. 
  6. MacCausland's Woolen Mills Tweed Blankets, various colours, because PEI, 100% virgin wool, in production since 1932 and seriously the most adorable little family run business that you ever did see. 

Can't decide on the one for you? The struggle is real. We can help! Call us. Because it may not be today, it may not even be tomorrow, but remember friends... winter is coming.