Colourful Inspiration from Gorgeous Mexico

We went temporarily blind from the colours. Image courtesy of

Team EMME Design is feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a quick jaunt down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where we were fuelled by sunshine and margaritas for a blissful seven days. Before you hate us, please note that we had all four of our children in tow. This means they outnumbered us by 100 percent. MATH. 

The children were given their choice of any souvenir they wanted. Three year old Everley insisted on one of these. She's so emo.  

But still. It was beyond fabulous and we're feeling inspired. Because even though this winter in Toronto has been undeniably tolerable, it's still winter. In Toronto. Which means a consistent palette of grey, brown and even more grey. Playa, by comparison, is such a riot of colour and texture that when the sun rose on our first day we all went blind for a second. As our eyes adjusted and our brains caught up we are all like, WHOA, REMEMBER COLOURS? 

COLOURS! Image courtesy of

Wish I could say we took these photos ourselves but we were too busy eating ceviche and smiling. Instead, we came home, put our tanned noses to the grindstone and hunted down a sliver of the sights we were super inspired by so we could share them with you.

Our fave souvenir and textiles shop on 5th Ave. Elana went in here 3,457 times. Mia is still kicking herself for not coming home with one of those leather and hand embroidered tote bags. Guess we'll have to go back. Image courtesy of

Amazing swim up rooms that we absolutely did not stay in but did walk over to gawk at. Image courtesy of Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen

This other amazing space that we did not stay in. Or even see IRL. BUT THOSE TILES THOUGH. And view. And OMG all of it. Image courtesy of

One more gratuitous beach shot for the road. Image courtesy of 

Feel like adding some colour to your home to help chase off the winter doldrums? It can be difficult to know where to start, what colours to choose and how much is too much. Never fear, we've got our colour decks in hand and we are ready to help! 

Contact us today. 

I Wanna Felt You Up

I guess it's a fall thing but suddenly I'm seeking out design-y stuff that is made with felt. Weird? I thought so too! But I got it in my head that I needed some felt around the house and started looking around.

Long dismissed as only to be used for kid's crafts and cutesy holiday decorations (I'm not dissing, my own tree is dripping with felt decorations), this warm wooly textile is having its moment with designers right now and popping up in a wide variety of spaces - modern, bohemian, transitional, even traditional. Really any space that will benefit from an eco-friendly dose of warmth and texture will do.

Available in beautiful rich colours, from the softest natural greys and creams to the cheeriest super-bright hues, felt works just a well in a formal living room as it does in the nursery. Pictured are just some of our favourite felt finds - a selection that shows how everyone can fall for felt this season, even the family feline. 

  1. Ginko Acoustic Panels by Bla Station
  2. Moondrop Rug by Olli Ella
  3. Cool with Wool Stool by Aud Julie Befring
  4. Large Woven Felt Bin by Crate & Barrel
  5. Handmade Felted Cat Bed by Agnes Felt