I Wanna Felt You Up

I guess it's a fall thing but suddenly I'm seeking out design-y stuff that is made with felt. Weird? I thought so too! But I got it in my head that I needed some felt around the house and started looking around.

Long dismissed as only to be used for kid's crafts and cutesy holiday decorations (I'm not dissing, my own tree is dripping with felt decorations), this warm wooly textile is having its moment with designers right now and popping up in a wide variety of spaces - modern, bohemian, transitional, even traditional. Really any space that will benefit from an eco-friendly dose of warmth and texture will do.

Available in beautiful rich colours, from the softest natural greys and creams to the cheeriest super-bright hues, felt works just a well in a formal living room as it does in the nursery. Pictured are just some of our favourite felt finds - a selection that shows how everyone can fall for felt this season, even the family feline. 

  1. Ginko Acoustic Panels by Bla Station
  2. Moondrop Rug by Olli Ella
  3. Cool with Wool Stool by Aud Julie Befring
  4. Large Woven Felt Bin by Crate & Barrel
  5. Handmade Felted Cat Bed by Agnes Felt