EMME Design Treatment Packages & Pricing

Slowly but surely we are adding to this little website of ours in order to put as much info as we can about our available services right here at your fingertips. One thing that all of our packages (Online Design, Room-by-Room, and Full Service) include is a customized Treatment Package.

What on earth is a Treatment Package anyway?

Truthfully we started calling it that one day and the name kinda stuck, but essentially your Treatment Package is THE PLAN that we prepare for you and your space based on the level of service you commission and the needs and requirements of the design job at hand. 

An Online Design Treatment Package, for example, will contain an overview of your project and all the requirements that we discuss with you at the beginning of our design process. It will have a drawing or sketch of your room with our recommended furniture layout, an inspiration board that helps visualize design direction and a design board detailing everything you need to complete your space—paint colours, furniture, window treatments, lighting, accessories and art. It may contain recommended trade services and other resources as required. It will contain a complete source/shopping list for everything we include in the package so that you can use it to implement the design on your own. 

Make sense? You can see a bunch of slides from various Treatment Packages here, or take a look at a complete (sample) Room-by-Room Treatment Package here

We have also finally added a Fees & Extras page to the site, which you can find in the Services menu. We do our best to offer you a wide range of comprehensive and affordable package options but we are also always willing to customize a service or package to fit your individual needs and budget.

If you don't see something that works for you here, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US. We'd love to chat with you and put together something that fits you like a glove. Let's make your space pretty!

Give (Yourself?) the Gift of Great Design! Happy Holidays from EMME

Big ups to outhousecreative.ca for putting a bird on our logo—he really gets us. 

Our holiday logo is a lot more wintry than our weather but that has not prevented us from falling into a celebratory mood here at EMME Design HQ. It's been quite a year (understatement). 

We're incredibly grateful to our fabulous clients who welcomed us into their homes this year, we loved every moment of helping you transform your spaces. And we'd never forget our team of rad and talented trades, vendors and retailers. Can't wait to see what we all dream up together in 2016. 

And speaking of our festive moods and looking ahead to the future, we want to offer a special treat to any NEW clients that come aboard the EMME Design train between now and January 31, 2016! Sign up for Online Design or any Room-by-Room package and we'll give you 25% off just because we want you have a freaking gorgeous New Year. 

Last minute gift idea? Give the gift of design! Online design packages start at just *$560 (+HST), that's $420 (+HST) after discount! What?! That's less than the LEGO Death Star. Or better yet, stop hesitating already and treat yo'self! Kick off 2016 with a fresh new pad.

CONTACT US. We'll be here, sipping our eggnog and patiently waiting. 

Happy Holidays to all! 

Mia & Elana 

*based on an online design package for one room, 150 sq ft or less