The Friday Find: The Lyla Side Chair from EQ3

The Lyla Side Chair, EQ3

Oh heeeeey ya'll. Look at me all over this Friday Find post after a several-months long hiatus. Much has been the happs around here at EMME Design HQ and while we've never NOT EVER stopped shopping, we did need a wee break from blogging. BUT WE'RE BACK BABY. 

And since it's summer and all I can think about are breezy white curtains billowing inward from a gentle breeze through an open window and lazy days spent lounging on a dock with an ice cold drink in hand, my tastes have shifted from sleek city styles to more a more relaxed farm-fresh aesthetic. And hence, I give you, the Lyla Side Chair

I've been dying to use these perfect chairs in a space since I first laid eyes on them and though I think there are plenty of city homes that could easily benefit from this airy, stylish seat—particularly in a kid-friendly eat-in kitchen—where I really want to work with them is in a relaxed cottage kitchen or a gathered round a country table heaped with fresh-cut wild flowers and veggies straight from the garden. You feeling me? 

These babies are not only comfortable (yep, I mean it, even sans cushion) and AFFORDABLE but they come in six colours including standard black, white and a pretty pale grey, plus a few great pops of colour like forest green and cerulean blue. They were once available in PINK! and YELLOW! but it appears those hues are currently not available. SAD FACE. 

I would be remiss of me not to mention Miss Lyla Side Chair's adorbs cousin Lyla Arm Chair because I mean just look at this cuteness would ya: 

The Lyla Arm Chair, EQ3

The Lyla Arm Chair, EQ3

Both the Side Chair and the Arm Chair are also available as counter and bar stools. 

It is not a well kept secret that us EMME Designers get a little more excited than can be considered normal when it comes to good chair. The Scandinavian Windsor is a darn near perfect specimen in my mind. BUT it is easy to eff it up. The Lylas have minimal, modern lines and great proportions making them ideal for use across a variety of design styles and situations. Just keep in mind that not every variation of the Windsor can do the same. 

Need a little advice on when and where to use a chair like Lyla? Or whether she might make a good addition to your furniture family? We'd love to discuss! Drop us a line, we'll even answer from the dock! 


- Mia


Merry & Minimal

Allow me to preface this by saying that while it's no secret that I'm a Scandinavian minimalist at heart—by blood and by choice—my own home looks NOTHING like this at Christmas time.

My tree is fat and dripping with toys and tiny pre-school handprint ornaments. My mantel is laden with lights and pom-poms and whimsical (some may say gaudy but I prefer whimsy) woodland creatures. Our stockings have penguins and reindeer and felted balls everywhere! It's a riot of colour and crafts. 

But inside my brain? Inside my brain, the holidays look exactly like the above. Maybe one day I'll stage the Scandinavian Christmas of my dreams, with spindly unadorned trees in baskets and nothing but wooden bead garlands strung about with calculated (yet somehow also casual?) precision.

Until that day arrives (never) I'll just enjoy the images above, breathe a deep sigh of calm-yet-joyful happiness, and share these pretty ideas with you. 

  1. This stick tree from ReTreeJoy won't shed needles all over your house and it gives you the perfect perch for when you feel like putting a bird on it. Obviously it's completely sold out due to its utter perfection.
  2. The Nordic sensibility and graphic symmetry of traditional Finnish Himmeli decorations are what I see floating behind my eyelids while drifting off to sleep at night. This brass interpretation would make an excellent gift for me (in case you were wondering).
  3. I can't imagine anything more perfect to drape, just so, over that little floating Rhino head. This is Scandi  mantel perfection and I'd leave it like this all year long. If you need me, I'll be out collecting pastel coloured wooden beads. 
  4. Many have made attempts at a perfect decorative Advent calendar and failed, myself included. You probably shouldn't ruin this one by putting any treats in it but if you feel like just receiving a tiny numbered white bag each day in December, this one is for you. 
  5. Unless your home is entirely white with nothing in it at all except for a beautiful brass bunny, do not even attempt this tree. People will think you  gave up on Christmas half way through decorating. 
  6. Wrap everything in craft paper. This woman glued her fingers together to achieve this look so do not consider this the easy way out. 

We'd love to help you achieve the holiday look of your dreams—whatever that may be. Call us!  

Happy Holidays!