The Friday Find: Bryght (EDIT: Now Called Article, Same Great Stuff)

Let's just get the two most obvious things out of the way right off the top, shall we? 

1. It's SATURDAY. I know, I know. But you know what though? BUSY. And busy is good, therefore posting a Friday feature on a Saturday is good. That's logic, right? 

2. Everything is faux midmod and I'm over-doing the faux midmod and STOP ALREADY WITH THE FAUX MIDMOD. But I can't because I love it. And I love other things. OH DO I EVER. But I'm trying to be a little realistic and not post things that nobody on earth outside of the much-discussed 1% can afford. But people, if you want more inspirational and less attainable, I can give it to you. 

For today though, I give you (EDIT: is now called Article, new name, same stuff!) I know you've been seeing them pop up everywhere—Facebook, Instagram especially. Me too. And finally I was like OKAY I'LL CLICK YOU SAUCY THING. And I did... and I kind of loved it. There are some incredibly affordable pieces that would be very difficult to find at a reasonable price anywhere else. The Sven sofa in tan full grain Italian leather you see above? $1999CAN? Yum. 

And this pretty Diamond

I'll take two! 

Required disclaimer: The biz model here is lower prices because they are exclusively online, so of course I haven't seen, touched or sat on either of these babies in person—quality remains to be seen—but I likey the lookie. 

Anyone purchased from Bryght (now Article)? Would you? If you want our advice please do give us a CALL.